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IIS Insurance has the lowest rates for California NON-OWNER SR22 Insurance providing INSTANT COVERAGE and SAME DAY FILINGs with DMV for our customers. Our friendly and knowledgeable agents will prepare a free quote in a matter of few minutes for you. Being a representative of numerous TOP RATED insurance carriers, IIS Insurance has an advantage of comparing different rates and finding the best match for our customer’s needs.

What is Non-Owners SR22 Insurance?

Sr22 is a document filed by your insurance to the department of motor vehicles, which shows proof of your financial responsibility and verifies that you have liability coverage at limits required by the state you live in.

Non-Owner’s SR22 Insurance provides coverage to drivers who DO NOT OWN vehicles but still need insurance and SR22 filing. Non-Owner SR22 polices will provide you with liability coverage and allow you to reinstate your suspended driver license. The non-owner policy holders should notify their insurance company immediately if they purchase a vehicle at any time after the inception of a policy.

Who needs an SR22?

You will need SR22 if you have been arrested and convicted but not limited to one of the following:

• Driving without insurance
• At-fault accident while driving without insurance
• Repeated traffic offenses, violations, and tickets in a short period of time
• Suspended or Revoked license for any other reason

How much does Non-Owner SR22 Insurance cost?

The cost of a non-owner SR22 insurance policy varies not only from driver to driver but also from carrier to carrier. One of the most important rating factors affecting the non-owner policy rates is your driving record. Non-owner’s policies are usually cheaper than owner ones because the driver does not OWN any vehicles and is less likely to drive a vehicle as much as an owner would.

What Will My Non-Owner SR22 Policy Cover?

Non-owner SR22 Insurance policies will cover you with liability coverage at the lowest limits required by the state you live in, unless inquired otherwise. Non-owner’s policies can carry higher liability coverage IF requested by customers, and also can include uninsured motorist coverage along with medical payments IF requested by policy holders at the inception of the policy. In case of at fault accidents Non-Owner SR22 insurance will ONLY cover the other party for any bodily injuries sustained and will pay for the physical damages up to the highest limits specified in the policy. Non-owner insurance WILL NOT provide any coverage to the driver’s vehicle or pay for any bodily injuries sustained by the driver or its occupants in case of at fault accidents. The only time the driver can be reimbursed for any medical payments is when the coverage is requested by the policy holder at the inception of the policy and if the coverage is added, the driver will be paid only UP to the limits listed in the policy. THERE IS NO PHIYSICAL DAMAGE COVERAGE to the vehicle the policy holder is driving under Non-Owner policies.

What Will Happen If I Fail To Make My SR22 Insurance Payment On Time?

Every time there is a lapse in a non-owner policy, insurance companies are required by law to notify DMV of the lapse immediately. The notification of DMV will result in a suspension of your license. It is the policy holder’s responsibility to make timely payments and keep a Non-Owner policy active for as long as the driving record of the policy holder requires.

How long do I need SR22 auto insurance?

Every state has its own requirements for how continual SR22 filing should be. In most cases California requires you to carry SR22 for three years. The exact effective and ending dates of SR22 are specified in court documents and also in a driving record. It is very important to have continuous insurance during the specified probationary period. Every time an insurance policy lapses, cancels, or expires failing to be renewed by a customer during this period, the insurance company notifies DMV, which results in a suspension or revocation of a license.

What are the penalties for driving without SR22 insurance?

Depending on the state you live in, you may face different penalties for driving without SR22 insurance, whether it is a non-owner insurance policy, or a regular one.

• Impounded vehicle and vehicle tags seized
• Additional and heavier fines imposed
• A longer license suspension period

What if I’m involved in an accident driving without SR22 insurance?

Whether you need and SR22 or not, driving without insurance is illegal in the state of California. The consequences for being involved in an accident without SR22 insurance are very serious. If a person, who is required to carry SR22 Insurance is involved in an accident not having it, he or she can be personable held responsible, but not limited to the following:

• Repair costs to all the vehicles involved in an accident, including the driver’s vehicle
• Property damage to all participants involved
• Bodily injuries claims from all participants
• Fines for driving without insurance
• A possibility of having a suspended driver license for a long period of time
• At some circumstances- jail time

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